Love is the best feeling when happened at the right time and with the right person. Relationship dwells in a happy space with an adequate amount of maturity,
trust, possessiveness, respect, and love.
But what happens when either of the partners crosses his/her limit in the relation
and this possessiveness converts into obsession?? Being someone’s partner does not give any individual the authority to overpower their happiness for the sake of your wishes and beliefs.


Possessiveness is the fruit of loyalty but one shall always maintain the safety line between being possessive and being obsessed with someone. A partner has every
right to be questionable to each other on every single aspect but is being
unnecessarily doubtful and restrictive to your partner accepted??
No one likes being doubted and cribbed about without any reason.

Is Love an obsession?

Relationships do occupy a major stake in an individual’s life but at the same place personal
space is equally vital for self-restoration and mental peace.


Intrusion in this mental peace by anyone gives room to clashes and problems in a
relationship and if you can’t understand this, you are already obsessed to intrude
into your partner’s life so much that their personal happiness is something that
doesn’t, matter to you anymore. And that is really captive and depressing!!!
All this will further make things worst leading to inter-personal clashes,
contradictory opinions, loosing of interest, verbal abuse, violence, and even
intimate and physical abuse could take in the room destroying a once happy relationship.


Physical intimacy never defines how strong your relationship is but, mutual

respect and trust surely do. A happy relationship is the one that lets you grow,

explore yourself, strengthen your confidence, and helps you grow positive and


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Relationships shall not bind you to follow anything that your heart ceases to support, and if something like that happens….. My friend that’s high time to let go of that captive relation and move on!!! Stressing over a wrong relationship and wrong person will do no good; on the contrary, it will deteriorate your mental health leading to depression, anxiety, and other iniquitous tendencies.
Why is it really difficult for people to let go of a relationship when it is suffocating
for the other one involved..? Why do people prioritize their ego so much, that
they happen to be obsessive?
Guys, just a gentle reminder:
Please don’t be the reason behind the one who loved to dance, stops dancing!
The one who was once a free soul stopped being lively!!
The one who was kind enough turned heartless!!

The one, who loved exploring the world, stated hating interaction with strangers!!
Please don’t be the reason behind someone to just stop living their lives in their

it is love or obsession
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There is nothing permanent, change is the only constant then, why not just enjoy
the pleasure of being with someone who found their happiness in you. It’s highly
rare to find a real soul mate and if for a moment you felt that connect, that is
priceless. Please value!! It is really immaterial how long the relationship lasts…
what is important is how happy you both were together. If you are meant for
someone, you will ultimately end up with the same, then why to hold on to
someone just for the sake of dominance and ego.
Obsessive relationships could never have happy endings; all it will bring is pain,
misery, mental stress, and depression. This could even have terrible consequences
leading to suicidal tendencies. Why bulldoze and suppress someone so much
that they stop valuing their own lives. This fanatical behavior can also lead to
building up criminal intentions in an individual and this will surely wreck everything.

If something is driving you towards self-destruction then why not just let go of it?
Your destiny will eventually introduce to the best you deserve. Just be enduring
and faithful.
Every individual deserves to be happy and contented, and this can only be
ensured with mutual respect and belief.
“Hold her tight to protect not to captivate or hurt,
Keep him close loyally in your heart, not to cheat or play games.
Cherish your bond with love and trust,
Stay away from obsession and blames. “
A happy heart can love and cure the best,

And an obsessive heart can injure the most.


It is Hurt

A mind can make hell out of a heaven and heaven out of a hell” – John Milton

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