TRANSGENDER: The Unmatched Struggle

transgenders are human
transgenders are human



Blessed are those termed as Males or Females and cursed are those born
otherwise. Being a transgender is a synonym for unending struggles and extreme
hardships in living. When someone is born as a transgender, it is always taken into
consideration with an inferior notion.

Irrespective of transgender
Irrespective of transgender

These people are only allowed in normal society when they are expected to
offer blessings. What could be worst then the parents with a transgender child
have to let go of their child to the transgender society with no claims on the child
and some parents intentionally disown their offspring due to the medical disorder
and uncertain gender.

Respect of Transgenders in society:

Modernization has offered some benefits to transgender people as

well. With the
passage of time and change in the mindset of people of the society, the Transgender
community is now days experiencing various opportunities for being treated
equal to normal people.
It’s All About RESPECT…..

Ed Murray

The transgender community deserves the dignity and respect that most people take for granted.

  — Ed Murray


Literacy and the right to elementary education shall be considered the first
the priority of any individual irrespective of gender dominance. For the first time,
India is all set to offer education to transgender people in a university solely for
them in the Khushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Being built by Akhil Bhartiya
Kinnar Shiksha Seva Trust (All India Transgender Education Service Trust) this
the university offers education from class 1 to Post Graduation and allow them for
further research and Ph.D. as well.
This initiative deserves appreciation, as education is the first step to respect and
every human being deserves respect irrespective of societal odds.


RAINBOW WEDDING: Two Transgender people Married Each Other

The first-ever ‘rainbow wedding’ took place in West Bengal.
Two transgender people married each other cutting all the odds of gender
biasness and became India’s first-ever trans-wedded couple.

Transgender In Politics:

Transgender people are now offered rights to participate in politics as well. They
are offered the opportunity to contest elections in Indian Democracy. They are offered
places in police services ‘K Prithika Yashini’is India’s first-ever police officer
appointed in Tamil Nadu. Recently Dr. Beyonce became North India’s first
transgender doctor. This is what can be termed as a change in Indian society over
the passage of time.

Discrimination Of Transgender In Society:

Transgender inequality is the most prominent and visible form of discrimination in
Indian society. Right from birth, they are exposed to inequality, harassment,
abuse in the family, and the public as well. Why are they treated so inhuman…?
Why don’t they are treated as one of us or just some normal individuals?
Why are they considered as a symbol of shame to society …?

transgender in society
Why are they forced to performs the rituals that we normal people consider to be
Just because they are born with some medical discomforts and faults… is that the
rational ground to consider an entire community to be vulnerable and a shame

Love, Equality, Stability, And a Normal Life:

They need no mercy upon, all they need is equality, independence, stability, love,
and normal life. And that is nothing very huge to offer to a human being, all it
takes in is a different mindset. Keeping other things constant, it the almighty that
gave them the ability to be born different and to survive the same, then why is
the society so inhuman towards them.

From The Heart Of Writer:

This blog is entirely based upon the writer’s personal beliefs and individual
opinion about life and survival. the idea just to let the readers realize the beauty
of the diversity of the human race and to impart mutual compassion and harmony among
the people of the society irrespective of gender biasness and any other odds that


We can not make laws, neither can we amend them. But all that we can do on
our part is to respect the natural balance of existence and equality towards every
human heart.

Let’s not just wait for change ….

Let’s be the change we want…..
No one can stop transgender birth…..

Just try to stop transgender discrimination, that only can bring a
Transformational change in society…..

Thanks For Reading…

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